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When the Lord joins man and woman, the two as one shall be, yet in the home they share with Him – in faith, the two are three. He multiplies their blessings, their sadness He divides, and for their different dreams and needs, He equally provides. He adds to their fulfillment and takes away their care, and one in Him, their total life abounds with love to spare.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

3 months, 4 paragraphs

I've failed once more at providing a timely update, but such is life. I'll break it down by month. (And in case you're counting, these two lines don't count toward the number of paragraphs cited in my subject line.)

December was a white Christmas in MN, meaning 30+ inches of snow, scarf shopping with Pete's mom and a rousing game of Cranium. (Pete and I won!) The five days we were there went by waaaay too fast. Oh, and I got to see a Christmas tree ornament Pete made when he was little. Can I get a collective "Awwww"? ... The dog pictured is Nick and Chanda's. Her name is Lucy. I guess that makes her my cousin-in-law, or something to that effect.

And since I can't decide whether this goes in December or January, I'll also mention the New Year's party at Sara's. (The picture isn't exactly in focus, but that's probably how most of the party's attendees remember it anyway.) I was personally a party pooper and got tired way too soon, at which point I realized how just loud people can be when they've had a lot to drink. I also had to work the next day, which is never fun, but I got to write about the first baby born in the New Year in Union County. :)
January included perhaps the best retro birthday party ever. It was a great mix of my different friends, complete with candy, games and clothes from our childhood. I liked Ashley's get-up the best. She had Care Bear pajamas, and the best part was that she just got them a couple of years ago. We played Twister and Battleship, drank punch out of silly straws and gave prizes (a paddleball game and glow-in-the-dark stars) for the best outfit. We also played Rock Band, which isn't really retro, but it was fun anyway.

Feb. 3 was Seth's 18th birthday. Last weekend, we went to TN and threw him a surprise party because Mom said this is her last chance before he goes off to college. He's never been into birthday parties, but was actually surprised and gave a great "toast." I can't believe he's already graduating this year. That just means more road trips to Nashville, assuming he goes to the Auto Diesel School there. ... Oh, and I know he's kissed his girlfriend, Lydia, before, but I actually saw it in person and it was strange for me. One of those things you can't prepare yourself for, especially when it's your younger brother who you used to push around in a laundry basket. I like Lydia a lot, though.

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