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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Shrinking beauty products

I'm noticing a bothersome pattern in my beauty products: The most-used item in a set is always the smallest. Yes, the green tea moisturizer on the far right might LOOK like a comparable size, but it's really a measly ounce compared to the 4-ounce cleanser and toner and 2-ounce repairing treatment (which, for some reason, does not have a large "3" on the bottle to indicate its place in my daily regimen). So why are the first two bottles twice the size of the third bottle and four times the size of the moisturizer? Did my face shrink between steps two and three? I'm pretty sure I'm covering the same surface area. 

On the upside, I just got my new shipment in and the new moisturizer is now 1.7 ounces. The repairing treatment still lags behind. At least we're getting somewhere. I wonder if other feisty customers complained. ...

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