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When the Lord joins man and woman, the two as one shall be, yet in the home they share with Him – in faith, the two are three. He multiplies their blessings, their sadness He divides, and for their different dreams and needs, He equally provides. He adds to their fulfillment and takes away their care, and one in Him, their total life abounds with love to spare.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

8 years and counting

Emily turned 8 Sunday. She got a guinea pig as an early birthday present and named it Waffles, but it died three days later of a respiratory infection, which I didn't know guinea pigs could get. Luckily, Mom and Dad had two weeks to return it, so they got another one and Emily named it Milky Way.
I'm not one for rodents, but it's pretty cute, although it, too, is now sick, so I hope it doesn't die. (Emily tried a couple of fish earlier this summer, and that didn't work, either.) Mom says this one also has a respiratory issue and ear infection. To quote Mom exactly, "He stumbles around crazy like, bless his heart." She has to give it antibiotics, and she said it makes her appreciate Daisy (the dog).

Emily likes it, though, and totes it around everywhere. She said you can't touch it after putting perfumy things on because it is "sensitive to scentses."

Pete and I went to TN over the weekend to partake in the celebrations. Emily had just returned from Justice (formerly Limited Too for those of you in the dark like I was) and showed me the hand soap that she got at "Bed Bath and Body Works."

The next day (Saturday), we went to the park to meet a bunch of Emily's friends, including several girls with more energy than the Energizer bunny and a cute boy named Phillip who always wanted to sit next to Emily. She had a Hawaiian theme, so everyone got leis. (Mental note: It's easier to know which kids belong to your party that way.)

Oh, and I got to decorate cupcakes for her Sunday school class. I tried to make a baseball, but it looked like blue ivy.

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