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When the Lord joins man and woman, the two as one shall be, yet in the home they share with Him – in faith, the two are three. He multiplies their blessings, their sadness He divides, and for their different dreams and needs, He equally provides. He adds to their fulfillment and takes away their care, and one in Him, their total life abounds with love to spare.

Friday, May 13, 2011

The one-year mark

Since Pete and I celebrated our one-year anniversary May 2 (woo hoo!), I thought it appropriate to make a list of what I've learned:

1. The rocker in our bedroom will always be covered in his unfolded clothes.

2. It's a bad idea to wash his jeans without checking the pockets for spearmint gum.

3. He knows more about cooking than I do. (I can't decide if this is good or bad.)

4. Dirty dishes in the sink drive me nuts.

5. Our Internet will never be down for more than 10 minutes.

6. One of us will inevitably cook an intense-smelling meal just after I plug in an air freshener. (The conversation goes like this. Me: "Did you put garlic in that?" Pete: "Yeah." Me: "It's overpowering my Seaside Escape!")

7. I enjoy weekly devotions more than he does, although his attempt to shorten the assignments at the end makes me laugh.

8. We shouldn't go to Costco when we're in a hurry because Pete will get distracted by the electronics at the front of the store.

9. He loves to grocery shop. Bless him.

10. Yard equipment is expensive.

We had a lovely anniversary weekend, and I can't believe it's been a year. :)

I should also mention that Mom, Emily, Mamaw and Papaw came to visit us over Easter. It was one of the best Easters I've had. I showed them where I work, we ate lunch in downtown Monroe, browsed a "seed and feed" store, picked strawberries, played the Wii and went to church. Oh, and Mom and I hid Easter eggs for Emily.
Last weekend, I went to a double baby shower for my friends Jessica and Alison. Two other girls there are also pregnant, making me one of only three at the party not expecting and one of two who is not yet a mother. (Although I was also one of the youngest and haven't been married as long as they have, either.) Naturally, the conversation turned to everything babies. It was beautiful and terrifying. I laughed when one of them referred to her "lactation consultant," but no one else laughed, so I stopped. Afterwards, we had a girls night -- dinner, ice cream, live music and lots of chatting -- and Pete went downtown with the guys.
I also found a great website called "(in)courage me" yesterday with two stories that spoke to me. I've felt really overworked and underpaid lately, so this is a good read.

So is this. ... And it's funny. :)

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  1. The rocker in our bedroom is the same way. Except it's my clothes, not Pete's.