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When the Lord joins man and woman, the two as one shall be, yet in the home they share with Him – in faith, the two are three. He multiplies their blessings, their sadness He divides, and for their different dreams and needs, He equally provides. He adds to their fulfillment and takes away their care, and one in Him, their total life abounds with love to spare.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Wedded bliss and tiffs

It's been three weeks and one day since Pete and I tied the knot. Two fights down and still going strong as he joked earlier.

It's true -- we have had two "tiffs," but no biggie. It's bound to happen and makes us stronger.

As for the wedding, it was perfect. Yes, I would have wrapped the tulle differently around the bamboo arbor, and yes, I'm mad that our spare cake was thrown out, but it was hands down the best day of my life regardless. So far anyway. As Pete's aunt wrote to us, "the best is yet to come." I like that.

The morning of the wedding, it was kind of weird watching TV with dad and lounging in my PJs. I felt like I should be doing something, but there was nothing for me to do before the hair stylist got there. Once she did, it was rush, rush, rush until we got to the ceremony site.

I thought it would be kind of awkward having random people watch the wedding on the beach, but it was actually kind of fun and entertaining. And Pete's vows were only the sweetest thing I've ever heard. We both penned our lifelong commitments the night before. :)

Once we sealed the deal with a kiss, the violinist fired up the postlude and everyone turned their beach chairs back to face the ocean again. Free entertainment; I felt like they should pay us or something.

The reception was fun, our first dance went well and the food was scrumptious. Pictures to come.

I was sad for the festivities to end, but married life is a wonderful blessing. There's no better way to start the morning and end your day than beside your best friend and husband.

The week after the wedding, my family came to stay with us for my graduation. I finished classes in December, but the school has only one ceremony per year.

We've also had a couple of minor adventures. We cleaned the jacuzzi, resulting in a dome of bubbles that took overnight to settle -- (Pete said he doesn't know how to "kill bubbles" yet), became members of Costco (an official sign that we're married, Mom said) and planted flowers. His are growing; mine aren't.

Oh, and we have some pet critters: several squirrels that drink out of the bird bath, a few small birds that run into our bedroom windows and a couple of lizards, one named Alfonso, the other named Javier.

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